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Even though our showrooms are closed, our manufacturing is continuing at a reduced level. Our showroom teams are mainly working from home with reduced hours, but they can arrange to see you for a face to face appointment if you would like to book here or you can contact us as usual by phone, email or on the chat below. Contact Details. We thank you for your patience during these difficult times. View our COVID 19 Information

Anna & Adrian’s Story

It was in 1992 that a young Anna Rotherham first met her future husband Adrian Buckley whilst they were both studying at Birmingham University.  The ensuing romance resulted in a beautiful wedding in 1997.  With the arrival of first Benji and then Joshua their family became complete and family is very much the centre of everything they do.

Anna’s story begins with her great grandfather, Henry Rotherham who was a jobbing stonemason. In the late 1920’s Anna’s grandfather, Joe, began learning the trade from his father. After serving in the army and living through Dunkirk, the North African and Italian Campaigns during the second world war, Joe returned to his beloved Yorkshire and took up his hammer and chisel once more.

Following in his forefather’s footsteps, Joe Rotherham Junior, Anna’s father, joined the business in 1973 and eventually his wife, Fran and sister Mary got involved and between them they built a thriving business. As their reputation as skilled stone masons spread and, by acquisition of 8 different stone masonry businesses across Yorkshire, they grew the company into the monumental masonry business we know today.

Both Anna and her brother Matthew joined the family business and as the business grew, Adrian too became part of the Management team. Together they maintain their core family values of quality, exquisite craftsmanship and pursuit of excellence at the centre of everything they do.

It has not always been an easy ride for Anna and Adrian however, particularly when, in 2011, Anna was diagnosed with cancer. Overnight their lives were irrevocably changed and there ensued a lot of soul searching as they sought new ways of dealing with the fear and uncertainty that engulfed them.

Their journey was to thrust them into a world of home educating their children, and focussing on healthy lifestyle choices including practising meditation and mindfulness as these became pivotal to the holistic approach they had adopted to combat Anna’s illness.

Having navigated some really dark times where Anna faced head on the reality, fear and grief of being faced with her own mortality, Adrian and Anna realised that there was a real need for a new approach to death, dying and the commemoration of life.

Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, Mindful Memorials – the brainchild of Anna – was born.

A Vision for the Future

Mindful Memorials is the culmination and natural progression of everything they have been doing over the past few years.  Artisan manufacturing and the creation of beautifully exquisite, meaningful memorials is embedded in the DNA of this family. They both believe that now is the right time to finally be able to launch the Mindful Memorials concept and that this will not only serve their customers but will also serve their local communities, and ultimately live on in the encouragement of artisan manufacturing and in creating opportunities and training for young craftspeople.

A personal message from Anna to you:

“We sincerely hope that Mindful Memorials can not only be a useful tool for you to find the perfect memorial, but also a valuable service to those who need us the most. At the very heart of this project are you, our community, our customers and ultimately, one day we hope, our friends. With this in mind we would like to invite you to share with us photos of your projects, what they mean to you, stories of your loved ones and requests for anything you would like us to create or do differently.  Whatever the reason – we’d love to hear from you.”

“With love from our family to yours”

Anna x